Recipe: create your own casseroles

Recipe: create your own casseroles

Pork steak with red wine sauce & country potatoes / Holzfällersteak vom Schwein mit Rotweinsauce & Country Potatoes
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Create Your Own Casseroles

I obtained this from my sister a long period of time ago and also have made duplicates of it to give out to my 3 youngsters who work insane hrs as well as don’t have the time to place a great meal together. This is great to take away and be delivered. A Fair Shot deliver great tasting food including sandwiches  from our own recipes to offices in the Bristol area.

Choose one ingredient from each group.

HEALTHY PROTEIN FOOD: (1 1/2 to 2 cups).
Cooked ham, silvered or cut.
Cooked or canned hen or turkey.
Canned lunch meat.
Prepared beef, veal, lamb or pork.
Difficult prepared eggs.
Tinned tuna or salmon.

SAUCE: (1 could condensed soup plus 1/3 cup liquid).
Lotion of celery plus milk.
Lotion of hen plus buttermilk.
Lotion of mushroom plus cream.
Cream of potato plus sour cream.
Eco-friendly pea plus tomato juice.
Cheddar cheese plus vegetable juice.
Tomato plus water.

Browned eco-friendly pepper, celery, and also onions.
Prepared or tinned environment-friendly beans.
Prepared or tinned peas.
Prepared or tinned carrots.
Cooked or canned asparagus.

PREPARED PASTA, ETC: (1 1/2 – 2 cups).
Wonderful potatoes.

COVERING: (2 – 4 tbsps).
Crushed potato chips.
Fresh bread crumbs.
Fried onion rings.
Crushed corn flakes.
Potato sticks.
Slivered almonds.
Cracker crumbs.
Crushed packing mix.

Mix all components in a casserole as well as spray with topping. Bake at 350 levels for 20 to 30 minutes, or until warm.

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